Puppy Toilet Training Tips

Puppy Toilet Training Tips

We are going to be talking to you today about puppy training this is something that every puppy owner is going to go through. All puppies develop at different speeds, but hopefully, with the tips that we'll be talking about, we'll make sure things go as smoothly as they can. So the good news is that puppies naturally are going to want to toilet away from their living and sleeping area so hopefully that gives you a natural headstart. Our training tips will give your puppy the best chance of getting into a good routine with toileting outside. We would suggest letting them out first thing in the morning and the last thing at night and regular intervals throughout the day, puppies have got really small bladders and really short digestive systems and they are going to need a toilet regularly, particularly after they've perhaps been playing or excited if they've been asleep or if they've just eaten. So it's really important when your puppy is inside to keep a close eye on their body language. A few examples, circling sniffing, generally looking restless or visiting areas, they might have toileted in inside before would all be signs that they need to go soon and that you need to take them outside. When you do take your puppy outside for the toilet be prepared to be patient and as we all know, puppies are easily excitable and easily distractible. Don't bring them out and start playing games just to come out calmly, sit down near to them or walk up and down whilst allowing them to go to the toilet as, and when they do make sure you reward them for going in the right place whilst you're waiting for your puppy to the toilet, do try and stay outside with them. This could mean some spells outside in the rain or when it's cold and when it's dark but otherwise your puppy is probably just going to get distracted and want to get back to you and not go to the toilet outside. So you don't have to interact with them a lot, just be present with them, keeping an eye on as, and when they go to the toilet, if they don't go straight away and you've waited for a few minutes, bring them back inside for 10 minutes and then take them back out again. As a lot of puppies will almost be ready to go by the time you take them back in so remember to keep an eye on their body language, those signs that we're going to look out for when they're inside and if they show any of those and bring them straight back out as your puppy gets older and starts consistently toileting outside, you're going to be able to increase the time between garden visits. As your toilet training progresses hopefully, they'll also start to give you signs when they want to go outside, such as sniffing approaching the door so you can let them out. It's really unlikely that at first, your puppy is going to be able to hold themselves overnight so if they're not with you during the night and you're able to take them out, if they do wake up and become restless, then do be prepared that there might be a little bit of mess overnight. If your puppy does toilet inside, you mustn't punish them all. That's going to do make your puppy worried about toileting when they're near you and they might start toileting away from you or when you're not around. That's a much bigger problem to resolve so it's really important that you just remain calm ignore the fact that it's happened and clean it up effectively. 

For Cleaning Puppy Toilet Messes

We recommend using a mixture of biological washing powder and water in a solution to clean it up effectively. Make sure that you avoid anything bleach or ammonia-based is that smell is only going to encourage your puppy to soil it in the same place over and over again. Another good tip is to potentially pair a word or words with your puppy toileting outside. So when any of our dog's toilets are outside, we just say we peepe. So now when we let our dogs out and we say, we peepe and they know that that's what we want her to do. All puppies develop at different rates. Some puppies are going to be much younger than others and some are going to take a little bit longer so be prepared for a few accidents in the house, probably every couple of days, but they're becoming lesser less frequent. 

Keep up The Good work

Now you got your new puppy going in the right direction always make sure that you keep a close eye on your puppy. Their toileting routine will be improving and like all of the training that we're talking about with puppies, one of the biggest things that you need to be is patient and consistent so stick to these tips, keep going. You can always reward your puppy during the toilet training with a some all natural grain free puppy training treats made with fresh ingredients to keep your puppy motivated they’re bursting with flavour little bite-sized rewards healthy dog treats

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