How to avoid a fussy eating dog

How to avoid a fussy eating dog

How to avoid a fussy eating dog

If you have ever experienced owning or perhaps looking after a dog that’s a fussy eater you can then relate to this article. 

Our experiences as a UK manufacture of dog food together with being dog owners ourself we have come across the fussy dog eater daily. With first-hand experience of our dogs along with listening and working directly with our customers along with advice from dog nutritionists and dog training behaviourists help us compile this short helpful advice guide that will hopefully help you avoid a dog becoming a fussy eater. We will also cover some of the medical issues we have experienced that dogs become fussy eaters.  

Feeding Your Dog Human Food

If you start feeding your dog the same food you eat like table scraps it’s one of the main causes of dogs becoming fussy eaters especially if your dog has dominance’s behaviour. Dogs are naturally prospective and will quickly catch on to being feed scraps from your dinner plate. Dogs are quick learners when it comes to an easy source of food like feeding table scraps and will be demanding your plate of food ignoring their dog food.

Single Protein Meals 

Dogs that don’t have a high obsession with food get easily bored with meals and have a tendency to become bored with food. You can help avoid this by mixing your dogs foods up by changing the meat protein from say chicken to fish like Salmon. If you feed your dog wet food try giving your dog a meal topper of dry food or if your raw dog food feeder tries adding a meat-free mix of fruit and vegetables. Mix your dog meals up and bring a little bit of excitement to mealtimes. Bone broth is a great tasty addition to change things up for your dog it can work wonders and tongue liking and smacking tasty. 

Over Feeding 

This is serenity one of the biggest causes of fussy eating dogs together with overweight which brings its health problems. You could place fussy eating dogs in the health issues overweight and obesity of dogs. Dogs that overeat can be put down to the wrong diet but is mostly a result of the pet owner feeding their dogs snacks and treats in between meals increasing the dogs daily calorie intake, along with the lack of exercise. Those table scraps are sure to add to your dog overfeeding which we strongly recommend avoiding.

Our experience when dealing with customers of fussy dogs is to recommend a low fat easily digestible dog food and vary the meat source or adding to different types of food into the bowl herd a perfect e sample both ourselves and customer have found successful 

Using our Robbie’s Holistic dehydrated range mixing with warm to hot water and add Poppy’s meal balls which are lightly cooked and mashed into the Robbie’s. The ratio is a 50/50 mix of Robbie’s and Poppy’s meatballs which is bone-free and produced speciality for feeding raw or good and easy served in small meatball size portions reducing waste.  

Medical Issues

If your dog is being treated by your vet using medication or your dogs recovering from surgery then you can understand they are just like us and tend to lose their appetite which is understandable. 

As pet owners of 2 working cockers in their senior years of life, we have hands-on experience with Kendra a 13-year old working cocker. Through the years Kendra has suffered several bouts of swollen sore anal glands during and after a course treatment of antibiotics prescribed by the vet. The antibiotics disrupt the dog digestive system killing off the good bacteria in the gut resulting in soft or runny poo. We found that a good quality prebiotic for dogs just a few days before the end of the antibiotics and every day for 7 days to 14 days solved the problem. 

I would always recommend if your dog loses its appetite or stops eating to always seek advice from your vet as this may be an underlying medical condition. Like kidney disease pancreatitis where the dog's losses its appetite becomes withdrawn, loses its energy levels and possibly drinks excess water 


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