Giant Hogweed makes her pet's head swell

Giant Hogweed makes her pet's head swell

Hogweed plants are considered one of the most dangerous plants in the British countryside and have been several reports in the news recently from dog walkers who have fallen victim to the giant Hogweed. A report in the Edinburgh live online

 "Hector the Cocker Spaniel from Prestonpans was foraging in long grass when it is believed he came into contact with the poisonous plant while on a walk on Monday afternoon."  Read more about Hector on line here at Edinburgh Live

A distraught dog owner has issued a warning to fellow pet owners about the dangers of Giant Hogweed - after her Spaniel’s head swelled to twice its normal size

Commonly mistaken for Elderflower due to its white flowers and thick stems. This plant can grow to 5 meters tall producing sap that is toxic found on its leaves, stems seeds and flowers. Giant Hogweed can be found growing alongside river banks and footpaths common routes for pet owners taking their dogs for walks. Dogs can easily brush past this plant or come into any contact during your daily walk. Your dogs' faces and noses are especially at risk, as the skin around these areas is extremely sensitive. If the sap comes into contact with the eyes it may lead to temporary or even permanent blindness. As in Hector's case in Edinburgh, it has lead to swelling around the head area and as this toxic sap is phototoxic; this means if exposed to sunlight causes burns and blisters. If your dogs is exposed to this plant cover the area and keep your dog out of sunlight to prevent blisters from forming. Whilst treating your dog be sure to wear protective gloves and wash hands with soap and water after handling. It is advised to seek veterinary care as soon as possible.

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