Feeding Raw Dog Mince Food.

Feeding Raw Dog Mince Food.

Feeding Raw Dog Mince Food.

If you're feeding your dog mince with no organ or bone-like chicken mince we give you a few suggestions to add to make your dog's meals nutritionally balanced. By adding fresh or cooked and even dehydrated vegetables which have been pre-soaked in water to rehydrated then possible adding a few dry herbs with fruit this will go along way to a complete well-balanced meal for your dog. To mimic the dogs prey in the wild of eating its prey stomach contents you can blend up the vegetables our you can do as another option is you can buy fruit and vegetables already frozen or even dehydrated called a meat-free mixer for raw dog feeding.

You go online to Land of Holistic pets and you can find a variety of options which you can purchase along with your frozen raw dog food. And what you want to do is you've got mince, find the fruit and veg, and then all you need to do is just pop some of that in the bowl with the mince. And there you go, you've got it. You've got the vegetables, you've got the mince and then you can take the egg and you can crack the egg on top. Viola. And, if you'd like, you can pop a bone on top of your dog's raw meat dinner.
Well, we have shown you how you can put the egg in with the BARF diet. But one thing raw feeders do is eggshells you don’t need to throw them in you recycle bin. Now, of course, with the Raw BARF diet, you can use the shell as well. It's an amazing form of calcium for dogs, but instead of just giving it to them, as it can get a little bit stuck in their throats. Why not pop it in a pestle and mortar, and give it a good old crunch up to make sure it's nice and powdery before you put it in. All right, now you have completely crunched up the eggshell, and now what to do is to sprinkle it all over the food. Now, some people just leave it on top of the food, but you give it a little bit of a mix with the food. And this is very, very natural for the dogs because of course in the wild, the wolves will be eating the shell of the egg as well as the inside. We have shown you this slightly more complicated version, and if you're thinking, "Oh my God, I just haven't got time to do that." Well, don't worry because there is a really easy version now. And all that requires is simply going online to Landofholiticpets.co.uk online store and buying a premixed meat-free mixer.
Land of Holistic Pets provide a wide range of frozen raw dog including complete range 80- 10-10 mix including with tripe, boneless meat mixes and minces all available for local delivery for free next day delivery throughout the West Lothian, Livingston, Broxburn, Uphall, Mid Calder, East Calder, West Calder, Boghall, Bathgate, Seafield, Blackburn daily delivers
Tuesday, Edinburgh Area
Wednesday: Armadale, Whitburn, Blackridge
Thursday: South Queensferry, Kikliston, and Dunfermline
Other areas on request Minimum order value £20 for free local delivery


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