Dogs for Viral in Support of #BlackLivesMatter

Dogs for Viral in Support of #BlackLivesMatter

Here at Land of Holistic Pets we have been avid supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement, something which is personal to us all. We are always listening and learning on how we can not only better ourselves but those around us. 

We have been so proud to see so many people campaigning whether it is out on the street or online but in particular the dogs which have joined in to help raise awareness. And no doubt these dogs are also loving the attention!

We have combined some of our favourites below!

Who’s a good dog? (Picture: Twitter/ @EmrickSarah)


Who’s a good dog? (Picture: Twitter/ @EmrickSarah)

Buddy and his owner Sarah Emrick marched in solidarity in a peaceful demonstration in Ohio after the murder of George Floyd. Sarah emphaised that Buddy was used to large crowds and had no issues participating in the demonstration.

Sarah said ‘This is my dog. I know him and I know that he could handle this.

‘It was a peaceful protest and no one was hurt. I was aware of my surroundings and was very careful to make sure neither of us got hurt. And I left before the curfew kicked in at 9. He was happy to be there.’

Well done to Buddy, Sarah and everyone that took part in the Be Heard, Be Safe; Rally for Justice in downtown areas of Cincinnati.


Credit: JPI Media

In our own home town of Edinburgh a peaceful, social distancing march took place on 7th June. Charlie was out sporting his own sign to help raise awareness to the movement, stating Good Boys Against Racism. We are super proud of Charlie and his sign. Make sure to follow Charlie on Instagram at MrPokeyTongue.

Credit: alebphotographer

We have this gorgeous dog sporting their sign in support, also at the organised social distancing protest. We are so proud of the many dogs and their owners for helping raise awareness to this cause in such an adorable way!



This pup barks for change!! ##somegood ##fightforchange

♬ original sound - christinavpro

This dog was captured during a peaceful protest showing their sign - Bark for Change! We agree, lets raise our voices or barks and show our support for change!


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