Rescued duck gets a new lease of life with new wheelchair!

Rescued duck gets a new lease of life with new wheelchair!

A duck can now waddle around thanks to a specially adapted wheelchair. Merlin is a domestic duck who was adopted by the Goats of Anarchy Sanctuary in Annandale, New Jersey.

Goats of Anarchy, a renown goat sanctuary, is famous for its 95 rescued and special needs goats, many of which have mobility challenges. But the goats aren’t the only ones that call the sanctuary home, you’ll find chickens, turkeys, horses, pigs, alpacas, sheep, and one very lucky duck all at the sanctuary.

Soon after taking Merlin in they quickly spotted he had issues with one left leaving him unable to walk or swim properly. That’s when they contacted Walkin’ Pets whose sole purpose is to provide animals with walking issues with bespoke aids, giving them a new lease of life. 

Goats of Anarchy provides the best care for Merlin and enjoys a daily water therapy session. Merlin is able to exercise his muscles as well as rebuild his leg strength. He wears a custom prophetic on his lame leg to assist with traction and support, however getting around was still a challenge despite Goats of Anarchy’s best efforts.

They took on the challenge of designing something they hadn’t come across before, not only to support an animal walking but also swimming. They began with a wheelchair designed for cats and dogs. After some modifications they created a new model fit for a duck!

And soon after, Merlin was happily waddling around. Mark Robinson, who founded Walkin' Pets back in 2001, said: "I was thrilled my company was able to help a handicapped duck, our first one ever."

Once Merlin was equipped with his new wheels, in early February, Walkin' Pets' social media co-ordinator Mikayla Feehan was ready to capture Merlin's first steps.

She said: "We took a road trip to New Jersey earlier this month to visit Goats of Anarchy, who rescue disabled animals. Merlin was born with an injured leg and they reached out to us to fit him with a wheelchair.

"We have never made one for a duck so one of our engineers adjusted a mini quad wheelchair just for him. Watching him take his first steps was really cool.

Merlin Disabled Ducks First Steps

Merlin's first steps. Credit: SWNS

"Once he was all rigged up, it was truly amazing. It's not every day you get to see animals take their first steps. The wheelchair can go into water we would just recommend avoiding salt water to keep the wheelchair in tip top shape."


Merlin’s best friend at the sanctuary is Opal the chicken. Opal used to live with the other chickens at the sanctuary but had to be relocated after he was picked on by the other bird. But Opal found a best friend in Merlin when they were place together, they became inseparable ever since!

Walkin’ Pets has provided more than 50,000 animals across the world with a means of walking since 2001. You can find out more about the great work Walkin’ Pets do, and if they can benefit you, right here. They now have UK stockists!

Mikayla continued: "To see Merlin taking his first steps in that wheelchair really warmed my heart."

We know that Merlin’s story has definitely warmed our hearts!

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