A Guide to Feeding Puppies

A Guide to Feeding Puppies

You have a new member of the family about to join you and about to become a pet parent to a new puppy dog. Like all pet parents you be looking to give your new fury family member the best start in life along with a loving secure home.

Puppies can be separated from their mother at 8 weeks old and no sooner. Being taken away from their mother to early before the 8 weeks has show puppies to develop separation and confidence anxiety as the puppy develops. Don’t be pressured or tempted to take the puppy away from its birth mother any sooner than 8 weeks old.

All good breeders will provide you with puppy food which your puppy has been feed on and become a custom to take with your new puppy. This food should be efficient for a few days and be along the lines of dry kibble, wet try or tinned possible dehydrate or even frozen raw meat. You can choose to continue feeding the same food or choose your own preference but what ever route you choose to feed your puppy  our simple puppy food guide will hopefully guide you in the right direction to provide the correct nutrition to help your puppy grow into a healthy fit and active long adult life along with many happy fun loving pet parenting memoirs

Puppy Developing Nutrition Requirements

Puppy dogs develop at a very fast rate in the first 6 months of their lives and their nutrition requirements are greater than adult dogs. This is the most critical stage of your dogs development as it’s building body mass like muscle along with bone skeleton and organ growth which require lots of the correct nutrition at the right time to sub stain the rapid growth for you puppy to develop into a healthy adult and avoid future health issue

What to look for in puppy food

The ingredients to look for in puppy food is the protein value of 23% to 25% in dry dehydrate food and around 60% in wet food to allow for water which can’t take up to 70% of the meat protein. With Raw feeding the protein valve will be around the same as wet meat off between 60 to 65%.  Your puppy develops their muscles, bones, skin and fur, teeth and internal organs very rapidly in such a short period of time. The main source of nutrition for this growth comes from meat proteins.

The second ingredients your puppy requires is a slow releasing carbohydrate which is Gluten free and easy digestible.  Your puppy will have a high energy level being supper active in play and investigating its new surroundings. Dogs and puppies a like can produce energy nutrition from both protein and fats at the expense of body development this is where a good source of low releasing carbohydrates comes in beneficial in the puppies growth development.

Our recommended slow releasing easy digestible carbohydrates for dogs and puppies that also provide fibre to you puppies diet vital for gut and digestion health.

  • Long grain brown rices is not only a easy digestible slow releasing carbohydrate it’s a power house of nutrition natural minerals and vitamins for your dog. Contains protein low in fat and gluten free.
  • Sweet potato is an other power house of nutrition natural minerals and vitamins for your dog. Contains protein low in fat and gluten free as well as being a easily digestible carbohydrate that slow releasing.
  • Pumpkin is our third carbohydrate as being a slow releasing with the added benefits contains essential micronutrients and fiber vitamin A, C, E, potassium, and beta carotene, which can all benefit a dog’s health. Pumpkin as become very popular ingredient recommended by vets to ease digestion.

Your puppies food should also contain herbs and vegetables like carrot, spinach a super food for dogs along with broccoli or green Beens with added herbs. A question we always being asked is long grain brown rice good for dogs ? Yes it’s a super food thats low in fat and provides a vast amount of health benefits to you dogs diet just check out the reviews of our Robbie’s Holistic Dog Food on TrustPilot

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