Your dog gone off its own food

Your dog gone off its own food

Your dog may have gone off its food for a number of reasons for medical reasons or possible underlying health issue that may require a visit to your vet. Just like their human companions could just be fussy eaters which are most common in smaller dog breeds according to a number of studies carried in America. The most common reason we come across that the dog has been eating scrapes of the owner's plates. Feeding scraps of human food will only result in your dog becoming a custom to that type of food, increase weight build up tartar around the teeth and gums all of which will result in medical issues with your dog and the costly visits to your vet for treatment.

So how to get your dog to eat dog food again.

Firstly, you will require to be strict with yourself and your dog to stop feeding scrapes reduce treats and only feed your dog its own food at meals times. The aim is to get your dog into a mealtime routine with its own dog food eating from its own bowl and restricted to an area of your home for the dog's meal times. We would recommend feeding your dog at separate times from your meal times to remove distractions and temptations allowing your dog to focus on its meal. If your dog does not eat or complete its meal with 20 minutes remove and dispose, we would not recommend keeping and reserving unless you can be sure to protect from bacteria and keep fresh.

As we all know dogs have a very highly sensitive nose to smells with strong foods smells odours triggering attraction, attention and the dog's appetite. So what types of dog food would be suitable to stimulate your dog's sensitivity to encourage your dog to eat dog food again.

The most, unlike food, would be kibble its dry low food odour not very attractive to any dog who has lost desire to eat dog food.
Most wet dog food has a strong meat smell which would be suitable, and we would recommend Land of Holistic grain free wet trays the fresh Salmond recipe has been formulated for fussy eaters. The odour of the fresh Salmond along with the naturally Salmond oil will tempt your dog to eat, Try adding hot water before serving to infuse the fresh Salmond odour allowing to cool before serving.
The most successful recommendation would be our Robbie’s Cuisine range with the Brown Rice and Salmond dehydrated muesli style infused with herbs simply add hot water and mix to release the irresistible odours of the Salmond and herbs. Many of our repeat customer who would recommend Robbie's Cuisine range as recipes for fussy picky dog eat and how to get a sick dog to eat again after a period of medical recovery.