Luath The Prophet

Luath was the chosen and beloved one, a collie dog of dubious breeding but very loyal and clever . He loved to laugh, run and discuss the ways of the world. His years of experience and learning had given him an insight , respected by all who knew him.

Luath climbed upon the wall overlooking the city and the pack and shouted -

“Rejoice that we are not men but dogs”
And loud cheers went up from the Pack!

Luath started to speak and said “Say not, I have found the truth, rather I have found A truth”
There was murmurings from the pack but Luath raised his voice “ many of you have suffered many small irritating health problems and others more serious ones. The time is upon us my friends to take control and educate our owners”

A boxer dog in the pack shouted “Speak to us of teaching.”

And Luath said:
“No man can reveal that which already lies asleep in the dawning of his own knowledge.
The Vet may speak to you of His understanding of health but he cannot give you his understanding. If he is indeed wise he does not bid you enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind. – This is why we have the Land of Holistic Pets.

A Collie bitch said, “Speak to us of Self Knowledge”.

And Luath said:
Your heart knows in silence the secrets of the days and nights
You would know in words that which you have always know in thought.
Your body tells you that which is good and that which is bad – let your body tell you right from wrong.

A Young Labrador spoke, saying, Tell us about Pain.

And Luath said:

Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.
Much of your pain has been chosen by your diet.
It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self.
Trust the physician and drink his remedy in silence and tranquility.

Then an old dog, bred not for looks but work, said, speak to us of Eating & Drinking.

And Luath said

Since we have to kill to eat, wither it be plant or animal, let it be an act of worship.
When you kill – say to it in your heart;
By the same power that slays you, I too am slain: and I too shall be consumed.
For that which delivered you unto my hand shall also deliver me into a mightier hand.

Make sure that what you deliver into a mightier hand is nourished well and able to nourish the soil – Eat the Land Of Holistic Dog Foods.

Only the Best is Good Enough – Robbie’s Dog Food

Robbie’s dog food was developed to promote pet health and enable our beloved pets to take part in a full and varied life.

Here at Land Of Holistic Pets we know that dogs (and pets in general) love to play games. A healthy pet is usually enthusiastic to play and all of us can see that playing games together is a valuable way to deepen our relationship with our pets.

There are a huge variety of tastes amongst us humans as to what foods we like and what foods promote health. There is similar variety among our pets. So part of the process of giving our pets a healthy diet is to understand what exactly is healthy for them.

It may be that in carrying out dog food analysis we find that there are one or two ingredients that are ideal and others which may or may not promote health. As pet owners it is our responsibility to give our pets the right foods. They are harmless creatures who are easily led or misled and they rely on us completely.

So it doesn’t matter whether your dog is a pedigree animal or a cross-breed, health is still paramount for a happy and fulfilled life.

For years many of us have shopped in stores and pet supermarkets for our pet supplies, looking to buy the best dog food we can to promote wellness in our dogs.

We read dog food reviews and even ask the local pet shop owner their opinion.

After some time we find that actually we are seeking to find a natural, balanced dog food (or cat food for that matter). We may try different brands and combinations including homemade dog food.

There are various dog food ratings that we can consider in our pursuit of finding the ‘solid gold’ best dog food that suits our pets.

While some dog food recipes are surprisingly simple others are more complex and scientific. Here at Land Of Holistic Pets we like to promote natural dog food as a basis for pet health.

Sometimes we see on pet health forums that pet owners are discussing the ‘best dog food brand’ or the ‘best puppy food’. It often comes down to a combination of what the particular animal likes and also what the owner discerns as best for health.

Here at Land Of Holistic Pets our principle is to promote ‘holistic pet food’. As you can see elsewhere on our website we believe that holistic, natural food is best for health.

As pet owners we can undertake our own comparison and see for ourselves what foods our dogs thrive on and what foods seem to make them lethargic or un-healthy.

At Holistic Pets we enable you to buy dog food direct from the manufacturer or the pet shop of your choice if they will stock . It’s about trust and love.

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Best Dog Foods

When at pet shows or dog shows with Land Of Holistic Pets some questions are always asked on numerous occasions – “what is the Best Dog Food”  and  “what makes Land Of Holistic Pets  products  the best dog food for my dogs?”

The pet food industry is a multimillion pound industry and it is of little surprise that some of the world’s leading marketers are employed by some of the biggest companies to get their message over about why their products are the best dogs foods and why you should buy this for Fido because it is rich in this and that and is the best dog food on the market.

On reading the dog food trade industry magazines you regularly see almost meaningless claims but ones which push the right buttons “New leader of the Grain Free Pack”  “Top performer in the food sensitivity category”  -  I even noticed a bill board the other day with the words – “voted best retailer of the year in fish and meat”.

The greatest claim of all in the best dog food stakes are the words “New and Improved”.  I always subconsciously ask myself the question – “was the product substandard before that they need to improve it” – but equally important is wither the potential customer in fact looks at the negative connotations of such claims.

Do we really ever ask what is the “Grain Free Pack and was there ever a leader?  Was there ever a food sensitivity category and who voted that company best retailer of the year?

Claims all being made to the pet owning public which are meaningless yet they influence consumer demand.

Another popular yet meaningless claim is “hypoallergenic dog food” which simply means not likely to produce an allergic reaction!  or to be more specific  – designed to reduce or minimize the possibility of an allergic response, as by containing relatively few or no potentially irritating substances.

This is dog food we are talking about and what company with any sense is going to try and sell a dog food, claim it is one of the best dog foods and include ingredients which are going to cause an allergic reaction and them tell potential customers – the ingredients could cause allergic reactions.

Of course the issue of “New and Improved” has a lot to do with consumer demand simply because dog and cat owners, or at least some of them, are in the business of learning about what is right for their dogs.

No New Leader in the Grain Free Pack or even the  Best Dog Foods stakes is  going to influence a consumer unless there is an improvement, even short term in their dogs or cats general condition.

The vast majority of dog food companies are simply creating niche’s in the ever competitive market place.  This is where Land Of Holistic Pets distinguishes itself in this extremely competitive market place and lifts its position in the Best Dog Food Stakes .

Land Of Holistic Pets products are formulated for Health!  Not some changing fad and to win attention but for the benefit of the dog.

The only shareholders at Land Of holistic Pets are George and Debi Burns – there are no hidden financiers investing money and demanding profits regardless of how it is done or what claims are being made.

In summary, many of the dog foods and cat foods and claims of best dog foods and best cat foods are simply marketing hype designed solely to grab the pet owning public’s attention with the simple intention of converting a doubtful mind to make of a purchase of a particular product.

Land Of Holistic Pets dog foods and intended for the health of the general population of dogs, to give them what we consider to the correct level of nutrients in the most available form for digesting.