Holistic, healthy and natural dog food and herbs

  • puppy food 10kg

    Robbies Puppy Food

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  • meat free mixer 2.5kg

    Robbies Meat Free Mixer for Dogs

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  • Robbies Salmon with Potato 10kg

    Robbies Grain Free Salmon with White Potato for Dogs

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  • Robbies Brown Rice and Chicken 2.5kg

    Robbies Brown Rice and Chicken for Dogs

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Choose the nutritional approach for your dog’s health – choose holistic natural dog food from Land of Holistic Pets.

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Loving Robbies and Luaths

Natural dog food made by independent Scottish company

Land of Holistic Pets supply complete, holistic dog food. We use only the most natural and healthy ingredients.

Developed by George Burns our dog food is made with ‘passion and principle’. It’s for caring and thinking dog owners like you!

Find out more about us and where to buy our foods. Take a look at what our customers say about our foods.

Dog eating RobbiesDog eating Robbies at Bath ShowAll Land of Holistic Pets foods are FREE FROM all artificial colours, flavours and preservativesOur quality guarantee.

All Land of Holistic Pets foods are FREE from
artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

There’s NO wheat, corn, soy, beef or pork
in any of our foods.


Our foods are suitable for;

Dogs with eczema, itchy skin, excess shedding, hot spots, waxy ears, runny eyes, tooth tarter, bad breath, hyperactive, chewing feet, colitis, IBS, pancreanitis, epilepsy, overfull anal glands and many more health issues. Provides an excellent alternative to many ‘veterinary only’ diets.

We’re here if you need us;

Please contact us if you are at all uncertain about your pets health needs! And on that note…

Can’t decide what’s best to feed your dog?

Tell us about your dog and its health

See all of our dog food ranges >

Robbie’s Holistic Cuisine >

This is our dehydrated holistic dog food. Robbie’s Holistic Cuisine is made in a variety of flavours. These include chicken, lamb and salmon, puppy food, grain free dog food and our meat free mixer.

Very easy to feed: simply put the ingredients in a bowl and add hot water. Then watch and smell as the fresh brown rice, carrots, spinach, green beans and herbs re-hydrate.

Luath Holistic Nutrition >

Our complete kibble dog food – Luath Holistic Nutrition for dogs comes in both chicken and Lamb. Contains a range of complementary foods for the optimum health of your dog. Includes natures’ super-food Spirulina.

Where to buy Robbie’s and Luath’s natural dog foods

Natural healthy holistic dog food delivered to your door from our online shopIf you are already a customer of Land of Holistic Pets please create a new account at checkout or re-register.

Shops and stockists.

Please check if a pet shop is available in your area. You can telephone your order to 0845 373 4122.

Or buy online from our easy-to-use shop open 24 hours a day for your convenience.

Customer reviewPet shops and outlets selling our holistic dog food ranges;

Land of Holistic Pets dog food available in other countries;

Give your dog a happy, healthy life!

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